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Monthly Archives: August 2008


Cacootin: definition unknown.


Dad: Max, what do you know about correlation? Max: It  does not imply causality.  Of course, his tediously intellectual father taught him that, and as a result, there is now a 4 year old who knows more than you about economics, science and politics.


Bomminitin: A naked baby butt.


Wackin baby: The person who is “it” in a long-term game of tag.  Usage:  Who is the wackin baby? Mommy is the wackin baby.  


Occan-dingdong: In a children’s book, character who is drawn facing the reader.  Usage:  That’s an Occan-dingdong. The rain babies are like an occan-dingdong. A strommel baby. 

The Outdoor Voice, For Italians

Mom: Max, please don’t yell in the house. Max: Max is using his forte voice!


Max greets his mother in the morning:  Gargole, Gorgon and Soy sauce.

Navel Gazing

I’m looking at my belly button. Omphaloskepsis! Dad is one of those obnoxious NPR-listening, wood-toy-buying, balsamic-vinegar-sprinkling, tweed-jacket-wearing parents that teaches his kid absurd words.

Squeaking Viscera

Boneman is a 30cm tall plastic skeleton with rubber guts. ( But in our bobo family, we would not say “guts” any more than eat iceberg lettuce. )  Max found boneman, but not his intestines: Where is the squeaking viscera? I can’t find the squeaking viscera!